Open Every Day

7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Kitchen closes at 2:30


our place

At Moore & Moore we make food that will make you feel good every day of the week. Not only will you find your favourite all-day breakfast, homemade cakes and quick bites, but our family of chefs create specials inspired by rustic wholesome cuisines from all over the world.

We share the beautiful building with the Moore’s Contemporary Art Gallery that focuses on emerging artists. 


Walk into Moore’s and you will be surrounded by students, visionaries, architects, artists, environmentalists, designers, boat builders, historians, professors and just simply lovers of wholesome food and great atmosphere, who have all become part of the Historic West End.

our menu

Toast >> 7

Turkish*, homemade jam, homemade peanut butter, or Vegemite (GFO, DFO, VO)


Bircher with lemon myrtle, apple & turmeric >> 16

topped with house-made granola*, coconut cream, seasonal fresh fruit (VG, P, RAW)


Eggs on toast >> 13.5

open range & non-GMO fed eggs POACHED or FRIED, Turkish* toast, tomato chutney (GFO, V)

+ organic bacon slices 8.5, + mushrooms with chimichurri 6.5, + two rosti 8.5


Sage & burnt butter pumpkin mash >> 19.5

two poached eggs, spinach, dukkha with WA omega walnuts & seeds on Turkish toast* (V, GFO)

+ grilled halloumi 7


Smashed avocado >> 21

avocado with roasted sumac, tomato, feta, rocket, sauerkraut, Turkish* toast,(V, VGO, GFO)

+ king salmon 10 + two eggs 6


Chilli eggs >> 23

halloumi, 2 poached eggs, chilli harissa, dressed greens, fresh herbs, Turkish* toast (GFO, V)

Banana hotcakes >> 18.5

served with berry compote, coconut cream, maple syrup & fruit (V)


Organic Crumpets >> 19.5

mango compote, Persian love crumble, coconut cream and seasonal fresh fruit (GF,V)


Benny Breakfast >> 25

WA free range bacon OR mushrooms, two poached eggs, spinach, house-made hollandaise, Turkish toast (GFO) + make it a bagel with Strange Grains GF Bagel 2.5


Organic beef sandwich >> 23

8 hour, slow-cooked grass fed & finished regenerative ag. beef, tasty cheese, kimchi, onion jam, aioli & rosti (GFO, PO)


Moore's buddha bowl >> 21.5

house-made sauerkraut, kimchi, avocado, vegan nut cheese crumble, seasonal roasted vegetables served on dressed leaves (GF, VGO, P)

+ beef 6.5, + salmon 10.5, + two eggs 6


Vegan nachos >> 19

non-GMO corn chips, black bean chilli, salsa, avocado, coconut yoghurt & Moore's vegan cheese* (GF, VG)


Vegan GF Bagel >> 15

onion jam, seasonal roasted vegetables with house made pesto (V)

make it a halloumi burger + 7

Add On                     For The Little Ones

GF Strange Grains sourdough >> 1.5

house-made tomato chutney >> 3

Little Creek open range, non-GMO egg >> 3 each (poached OR fried only)

WA free range bacon >> 1 slice 4.5 or 2 slices 8.5

8 hour slow cooked grass-fed & grass-finished beef >> 6.5 or double beef 12

mushrooms with chimichurri >> 6.5

smashed avocado >> 6

grilled halloumi >> 7

two potato rostis >> 8.5

grilled NZ king salmon fillet >> 10.5

Smashed avo on Turkish toast* >> 7

avocado smashed on toasted turkish (V, GFO)


Banana bread >> 5.5

fresh or toasted, with butter (V)


Banana hotcakes OR GF crumpet >> 9

berry compote, coconut and maple syrup, seasonal fruit (GFO) (V)


Egg on toast >> 6.5

POACHED or FRIED on toasted Turkish * (V)

+ one slice of bacon 4.5


Baby cino >> 2